DEWALT D26453K Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit

The DEWALT D26453K Random Orbit Sander is recognized as the best random orbital sander due to the numerous characteristics that were outstanding. The DEWALT Random Orbit Sander is produced in Mexico and features a 3.0 Amp electric motor with variable speed and works from 7000 to 12000 pm while supplying an entirely smooth finish after an equally perfect sanding procedure.

The product also boasts of its textured anti-slip top along with its body hold. The anti-slip top, as well as the body hold, add relaxation and control while the sander is being used by you. Additionally, it includes a built-in Controlled Finishing System which modulates the speed of the controllable pad in addition to makes sure that there isn’t much gouging upon start up.

The DEWALT D26453K additionally has a Dust-Sealed Switch that functions as a protection from the inadvertent ingestion of dust to the device, provides an extended life for the switch. Also, it highlights the potency of its built-in vacuum adapter that gathers debris with or without using a hoover.

The D26453K operates using a 5-inch and 8-hole hook & loop paper that is abrasive. A set up in this way consistently enables the easy and quick back and forth changing of sanding discs. That is with your DEWALT Random Orbit Sander; you do not need to concern yourself with the need to make use of the true grit or being forced to keep an efficient workflow.

The DEWALT Random Orbit Sander also offers a higher capacity dust bag which has a built in vacuum adapter. It makes it possible to use the sander with or without a shop vac or an extractor. Also, as if that is not enough, this lightweight orbital sander includes a three-year limited guarantee in addition to a one-year service contract. In the event the customer just isn’t met, there’s additionally a 90-day money back guarantee. Read our in-depth review of the Dewalt D26453K.

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