Odds and Ends, and No End to Oddities

Some of my past writings have fallen into utter, unrecoverable obscurity. Others linger — even against my wishes. This page lists just a few of these lingering pieces, with a few comments by me.

These writings center on libertarian themes, of course, and do not represent my writing for business (which is mostly anonymous anyway) or the arts. Here’s a list:

    • Ad Vice, a review of Douglas Rushkoff’s Coercion: Why We Listen To What They Say, turned out to be one of the few negative reviews the book received. For that reason, perhaps, my review has received a few citations around the Web and in print.


    • Contra Sabatini: Bogus Critique, a little polemic I sent to Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, but which they may never have printed (I certainly never saw a copy). I placed it up on my first website (now long defunct), and a gentleman named Hogeye Bill nabbed it for his Anarchism Page; I have a better, edited version of this piece on some hard drive somewhere, but for now Hogeye Bill has it, and I shouldn’t complain.


    • The amazing Loompanics Catalog is arguably the most entertaining (some might say infuriating or appalling) catalog in existence. I’ve written for it a few times, but certainly my funnest piece hit print as an R.L. Crab cartoon strip, Commensalism and Other Types of Symbiosis. Crab is of course quite good, though I’m afraid I’m going to stick him with the blame for a few spelling errors. But on the bright side, he made my script a whole lot funnier; he’s obviously a fine cartoonist.


  • I’ve done a lot of writing directly for the Web, and most of it unprofessional (meaning: unpaid). Of this vast hoard of words, my posts to NoWarBlog.org are the most important, since America’s neo-imperialist foreign policy counts as today’s biggest threat to both American liberty and world stability. Of my posts, my short squib against Andrew Sullivan received the most favorable comment. But I’m happy merely to have designed the Link to us image!

There is no need to mention the few times my writing has been cited by scholars, the greater number of times a review of mine has given birth to a back-of-the-book blurb, or even the times I’ve been plagiarized. Nor need I list every instance my writing hits print; most such articles don’t get Webbed. And maybe I should be happy about that.

When something new or old of mine launches from the Gutenberg Dimension onto the World Wide Web, I’ll slog over to this page and update it.

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