No Tread Zone

No Tread Zone!


For the second half of 2002 I wrote a weekly column for Laissez Faire Books. Then, in early 2003, the bookstore moved, the website went through a major revision, and all that commentary went bye-bye. In June of that year I attempted to revive the column, but then thought the better of it after that one attempt. Below I list a selection of some past columns, with a brief description following each title. On this new site, I revel in a possible misreading of the site name: not read zone. As a partial site for an old column, I don’t expect a lot of hits.

Laissez Faire Books is a libertarian bookvendor that features a good selection of books, some great discounts, a fine little catalog they’ll gladly send you in the mail, and a website from which you can order using the usual e-methods, as well as some unusual ones (such as GoldMoney).

Because Laissez Faire’s old logo featured the famous Gadsden snake, which, on some early flags of the United States was associated with the slogan Don’t Tread on Me, I thought of my columns as a No Tread Zone. There’s not much more to it than that. (Rebellion and defiance do not dominate my soul; a simple independence of mind suffices, as I hope I show in my columns.) Of course, the title is also something of a twist on the execrable Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin Zone. It is not an homage!

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